Nail Salon Equipment/ Nail Salon Supplies

One of the most stressful aspects of opening up a nail salon is making sure that you have equipped it with all of the necessary equipment needed to provide individuals with certain services. The equipment and supplies necessary to run a successful nail salon can easily feel like a never ending list of items to purchase. A lot of the supplies and equipment that you will need to obtain for your salon will depend on what type of services you will be providing to consumers. The rest of the items needed are the basics that every nail salon should have.

The equipment that is necessary to run a nail salon differs from the type of equipment and supplies needed in a salon that only provides hair services. The prices of the supplies and equipment purchased for your salon will depend on the styles chosen along with the materials and brands.

There are a few items that you are guaranteed to need in a nail salon. The first piece that should be found in every single salon that provides nail services is a manicuring table. Manicuring tables have a similar design to that of a desk. These tables allow nail technicians to work on a surface that is steady and provides them with plenty of space to work on. A basic manicuring table will include drawers used to store supplies, a hand rest that is padded for added comfort, and casters that are able to swivel. Manicuring tables that are considered to be a higher quality will also have vents on them, electrical outlets built right into the table, and racks to hold nail polish in. Manicuring tables will usually be found made out of laminated wood which makes them easier to clean off and they are extremely durable. These tables can cost as little as $100 or go as high as $1,000. The price for this equipment will increase due to specific features and materials that are used to make it.

Another piece of equipment that will definitely be found in all nail salons is a nail dryer. The nail dryers are usually positioned on top of the manicuring tables and are used to dry customers' freshly polished nails.

Pedicure spas are not found in all nail salons, but they are a piece of equipment that is extremely attractive to potential customers. These spas are used when nail technicians are providing individuals with a pedicure and it allows them to become extremely comfortable while receiving this service. These spas are most commonly found with padded seating and a rolling back which provides customers with a massage. Attached to the spa's chairs are foot spas which enable customers to have their feet soaked in preparation for their pedicure while enjoying a massage. The foot spas themselves will more than likely also be equipped with jets in order to give the customer's feet a massage as well. This piece of equipment will range in price from about $3,000 to $4,000.

In order to provide clients with nail services and be able to perform such services comfortable nail technicians will need to use a technician stool. The stools can be adjusted to accommodate technicians' different heights.

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